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Your donation is the foundation of our goals, hopes, and dreams. 

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Fundraising During Funky Times

This year has been anything but predictable. As time passed, I continuously thought the next month would be the month we would regain normalcy. The start of October was when I truly felt it. No running around gathering donations, no basket making, no endless hours of prep, and organizing. This would have been our ninth annual event. This event has been the biggest part of me and has given me so much life and meaning for nine years. Although so much work has been happening behind the scenes, it just feels different. This year, in place of our in-person fundraising efforts, we are hosting Virtual Chance Drawings via Facebook (Facebook not affiliated with the drawings). We are currently posting amazing products and 50/50s to help us raise funds for our cause! Please follow the link below to join our Chance Drawing Page and join us in our efforts!

We truly appreciate your continuous love and support!

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